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Across Namibia by pickup truck. Part 2.

Есть в пустыне Намиб место со страшным названием — Мёртвая долина — Deadvlei. Среди песков, окруженное высокими оранжевыми дюнами, это место завораживает своим минимализмом и яркими красками. Черные деревья на белой поверхности высохшего озера на фоне ярко-оранжевых дюн и голубого неба. Впечатление бомбическое! Сотни лет тому назад в пустыне Намиб протекала рекаRead more

Across Namibia by pickup truck. Part 1.

Шестнадцать часов полета двумя рейсами компании Ethiopian Airlines c двухчасовой стыковкой в Аддис Абебе и вот я спускаюсь по трапу на раскаленный бетон столичного аэропорта Виндхук. После московской слякоти столица Намибии, африканского государства на юге черного континента, встретила жарой под 40, невзрачным пейзажем и безликим зданием аэропорта. Итак, двухнедельное знакомство с однойRead more

From sea to sea over the mountain peaks.

As always, the Caucasus is beautiful, in spite of the fact that the third day of our journey across the Main Caucasian Range began with a gloomy morning and drizzlingRead more

"The adequate heroes will always take the bypass".

And drive along it just like us. We are following the roundabout way to the White Sea. This time we have decided to explore a new route to Arkhangelsk. In 2020 we didn't manage to ride by motorbikes along the Mezen river from Leshukonskoye village to Usogorsk following the ground roads washed out by rains.Read more

29.07.2023 2023 Russia

The Silk Way Rally

Three months ago my old friend Eugene Pyatigorsky phoned me and made an unexpected offer. — Would you like to take part in the Silk Way Rally this summer? — Pardon? As who? Isn't it an advanced race, in which professionals compete? Like participants and winners of Dakar and other world rally raids. And I'm not a sportsman, I'm a traveller. — So your answer is "no"? — No, of course, I agree! When does it start?Read more

Across Europe on two wheels. Sequel. Part 3

The next country that I am going to visit on my way back home is Slovenia. There is less than 200 km between Padua (where I stayed for the night) and the border with Slovenia. But before crossing it I decided to make a stop in Venice, a famous city in the northeast of Italy.Read more

Across Europe on two wheels. Sequel. Part 2

Arrivederci Sardegna! Bonjour Corse! The island of Corsica is 2.5 times smaller than Sardinia and belongs to France, though the locals call themselves Corsicans, not French.Read more

Across Europe on two wheels. Sequel. Part 1

Right half a year ago, I rode my motorbikey across seven countries up to the capital of Serbia and there I left it. As always, Belgrade welcomed me with hugs from my friends, to whom I left my motorbike for safekeeping. They placed it in the company's office as an exhibit, washed, repaired and changed its battery.Read more

24.03.2023 2023 Russia

In vain they call the North extreme ...

-Why Vorkuta? Why there, and even in February? - My friends' surprised questions suggest some more or less sensible answer. But there is no such answer. At 21.50 on platform 1 of track 1, the fast train Moscow-Vorkuta departs. The series "Journey to Vorkuta" lasts 40Read more

07.03.2023 2023 AsiaVietnam

On two wheels across Vietnam. Part 2

The adventures in Vietnam continue! Chapter 7: Hue - Hoyang. The ancient capital of Vietnam, the city of Hue, was not particularly impressive. The citadel is a city surrounded by a wall with several gates and a moat with water, inside is another complex - the emperor's residence, tombs, pagodas, gardens, cannons...Read more