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Visiting the Taliban. Part 4

The Blue Mosque. I can say that I am impressed by the architecture of modern Afghanistan, but only if I put this word in quotation marks. But there is one city where quotation marks will not be appropriate. Mazar-I-Sharif. The fourth largest city in the country, it is famous for its historical complex "Blue Mosque", built in the XV century. This Muslim shrine is located in the center of the city andRead more

15.06.2024 2024 Afghanistan

Visiting the Taliban. Part 3.

В гости к запрещенным людям. От Душанбе до Афганской границы 180 км отличного шоссе, которые можно пролететь за пару часов. У нас получилось чуть дольше, так как я где-то умудрился поймать саморез в заднее колесо. За 40 км до границы заправили полные баки 92-м бензином и через пол-часа были у шлагбаума КППRead more

Visiting the Taliban. Part 2.

Казахстан — Узбекистан. Ну наконец-то начались настоящие приключения! В субботу в 10 утра выехали из Бейнеу и через час были на границе с Узбекистаном. Три часа ушло на её преодоление. Бегали с какими-то бумажками по кабинетам, где ответственные товарищи ставили в них разноцветные штампы. По выезде за КПП нас облепили другие товарищи,Read more

Visiting the Taliban. Part 1.

Let's go! The new highway M12 Moscow-Kazan is just super! 800 km of fully illuminated perfect asphalt in 4 lanes, modern gas stations, markings, electronic information boards - it's a pleasure to drive on it. It's a pity that the speed limit is only 110 km, for me it's possible to set 150, anyway everyone violates it. ) Today it's 8.30 a.m. Ours is still small.Read more

На снегоходах по Приполярному Уралу.

Рейс UT-596 Усинск — Москва авиакомпании Utair отменен по метеорологическим причинам. Хочешь рассмешить Бога — расскажи ему о своих планах на Крайнем Севере. Мое очередное путешествие по северным регионам нашей необъятной Родины прошло под этим девизом. Пять дней и ночей наша команда под руководством широко известного в узких кругах путешественника Ключникова АндреяRead more

Naryan-Mar, my Naryan-Mar

"Naryan-Mar, my Naryan-Mar — Ain't close, ain't far…" This is from a popular song of the 70s. People travel back and forth and we’re going to the North! It's time for one more journey to the Far North across our vast Homeland. Such kind of trips has already become a tradition for us.Read more

Across Namibia by pickup truck. Part 2.

There is a place in the Namib desert with a terrifying name Dead Valley. Being situated among the sands and surrounded by high orange dunes, this place fascinates with its minimalism and bright colors. There are black trees on the white surface of a dried-up lake, which have bright orange dunes and the blue sky on the background.Read more

Across Namibia by pickup truck. Part 1.

After 16 hours of two flights by Ethiopian Airlines with a two-hour break in Addis Ababa we finally landed at Windhoek airport. And now I am going down the ramp to the hot concrete coating. From the Moscow slush we got to the capital of Namibia, which is a state in the south of Africa. It greeted us by a heat up to +40°C, an unremarkable landscape and a faceless airport building.Read more

From sea to sea over the mountain peaks.

As always, the Caucasus is beautiful, in spite of the fact that the third day of our journey across the Main Caucasian Range began with a gloomy morning and drizzlingRead more

"The adequate heroes will always take the bypass".

And drive along it just like us. We are following the roundabout way to the White Sea. This time we have decided to explore a new route to Arkhangelsk. In 2020 we didn't manage to ride by motorbikes along the Mezen river from Leshukonskoye village to Usogorsk following the ground roads washed out by rains.Read more