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Archive by year: 2020

18.12.2020 2020 Russia


20 kilometres from Gelendzhik in the area of the village of Kabardinka there is a very unusual attraction that appeared here two years ago. A huge dry cargo ship with the romantic name Rio was washed ashore by a storm in December 2018.Read more

Caucasus 2020. Moto-travel. Part 3

Once again, for the third time this fall, I am returning to the Caucasus. 2850 rubles for a ticket from Domodedovo to Mineralnye Vody, two hours in the air, 20 minutes by taxi to Pyatigorsk, and here we are again, reunited with my trusty steed, who patiently waited for me for two weeks under the apple trees in the yard of a kind person.Read more

Caucasus 2020. Motorcycle Adventure. Part 2.

Continuing our motorcycle adventure through the North Caucasus. This time our route starts in Karachay-Cherkessia. Plateau Bermamyt is a unique place, not very difficult to reach in dry weather, although we had to cover about 40 km on rough terrainRead more

Caucasus 2020. Motorcycle Adventure. Part 1

"When the Caucasus is nearby, the sun shines into your right eye" - folklore says. And it really does so! As soon as we left Voronezh, the temperature indicators on the motorbike dashboard started to show a stable rise in outside air temperature. And it reached +33°C in Rostov-on-Don!Read more

To the Barents Sea on two wheels.

Another motorbike trip to the north of Russia (this time to the Kola Peninsula) had been planned by us before the beginning of the disastrous pandemic. And the Rybachy Peninsula is expected to become a particularly popular destination with travellers this year.Read more

To the White Sea on two wheels. Part 2.

Verkhnyaya Toyma. The village Verkhnyaya Toyma is stretched along the right bank of the Northern Dvina river and can be reached in summer only by a small ferry, which capacity is less than a dozen cars.Read more

To the White Sea on two wheels. Part 1.

Finally, we broke out of this madhouse of self-isolation, masks, gloves and other attributes of coronavirus routine. Here we go for a short trip along the route Moscow — Vologda — Arkhangelsk — Karelia — St. Petersburg — Moscow!Read more

Morocco 2020

I have returned to this country for the third time as if I forgot something here. It seems to me that I have already travelled all over it from the north to the Sahara Desert and from the east to the Atlantic. But Morocco still attracts me.Read more

A car journey to the Edge of the World.

Moscow → Liinakhamari. I have a kind of tradition to go on a trip to the southern coast of the Barents Sea in January. But this time it turned out to be unusual. The further we moved north, the warmer it became.Read more